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Over 70% of your Business Is Sold Over The Phone.

Ever wonder how many reservation calls didn't get booked or even answered? Is it worth the risk of not knowing for less than a $1 a day?

MAGi7 Call Tracking Can Help you!

Call today for Call Tracking and get the first month free.

  • Listen to call recordings.
  • Know where people are calling you from.
  • Track trends in your market.
  • Works with your existing phone system.
  • See which ads generate the most & the best leads.
  • Discover your most profitable campaigns.
  • Stop wasting money on ineffective ads.
  • Improve your conversion rate.
  • Get "missed call" email notifications.
  • Identify staffing problems.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking Terms & Conditions
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Example Calls

Call from hotel parking lot

Called 3 times kept hanging up

Good Sale Call

Lost one week booking

No Coupons for you!

Prior Visitor Shopping Call

Sell me a room please!

Welcome Center Call 5 rings

Call tomorrow for Coupon

Good Converted Call

Holding coupon room with No Secured Payment

No Closing Effort Made

No Sale, I will go to next hotel

Reservation Center Good Call Converts

Transfer to Reservation Center No Sale

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