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Blue Checkmark You provide us w/details you want to showcase

Blue Checkmark We produce a 45-60 second video

Blue Checkmark Video clips or photos may be used

Blue Checkmark QR code is assigned to each video

Blue Checkmark Approved video is hosted on our distribution network

Blue Checkmark Customer is provided with link to video & PDF copy of QR Code

Blue Checkmark QR Code scans are tracked and reports are provided upon request.

View Hotel Videos's new & improved website was built to get your spotlight hotel the most attention we can by non-rotating spotlight ads in your city, state or even on our home page.

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Filling your empty rooms and driving new travelers to your door has been our number one goal since 2004. We work to reach today’s traveler through print, online, social media and mobile platforms. provides hotels with the ability to reach a large travel market at the critical points in their travel planning stages. From discovery, researching, decision making and purchasing we help you reach potential guests looking for a place to spend the night.

Let us help you grow your occupancy and build Rev PAR to reach millions of travelers through the use of Coupons a time-tested strategy for building business.

Our company offers several advertising ventures to assist you in promoting your hotel to consumers who look to save money when traveling.

We give you the opportunity to reach people online or on the road via our Video, Web, and/or Print Advertising Services

Print Services

Printing over 9 million guides annually get the exposure for your property to fill your empty rooms.

The Official Interstate Guide helps fill empty rooms, increase Rev Par, and raise occupancy by providing a targeted message to the Leisure & Interstate Traveler based on supply & demand. Generally our quarter space ad will generate one to three rooms per night on an annual basis depending on your rate offer and your ability to accept the coupons. Many of our advertisers redeem enough coupons in the first few months to pay for the entire year.

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